Pneumatic diaphragm valve

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Pneumatic diaphragm valve regulating valve for short, made up of actuator and regulating mechanism. The development of pneumatic diaphragm regulating valves since the 20th century initial has been eighty years of history, has produced the ten categories of valve products, self-reliance type valve and positioner, etc.

1, choice of control valve unit or a two-seater is not particularly direct contact with KV, usually before and after the valve pressure difference is bigger should choose two-seater, in general, place the order can be, because the two-seater has two sealing line, reveal that the extent of the ratings dropped compared with single seat valve need not say oneself.

2. After the regulator to calculate KV have finished a crucial step, as well as many parameters calculation, points and the points:

A. calculate the KV crops-dubbed that you calculate the KV, you need to calculate the KV, rated is usually calculated KV rated KV of 1/3 to 2/3. After get the KV rated choose rated CV near the valve.

B.g according to calculation and CV opening, the opening general control in 50% ~ 80% or 40% ~ 70% is the best

C. selector valve core, valve stem, valve body, valve cover, the seat of the material, the basic principle is that the body bonnet material above is equal to the pipe material; Valve core material above is equal to the body material, then consider special processing, such as the copper, deoiling degreasing, etc

D. choose for valve actuator, pneumatic or electric; Allow close differential pressure valve, the valve pressure difference before and after; Acting (air/gas close); Gas pressure; Whether or not to bring a hand wheel, such as reducing valve accessories

E. choose valve locator: gas supply pressure, explosion-proof grade, protection grade, electrical system, the size of the air interface, the input signal

Is usually more than that, for your reference, hope to master added

Control valve (control valve) is very important in the modern manufacturing industries in the world is indeed fluid control components. Reasonable and correct selection for your industrial control system to improve efficiency, to ensure the safety of production, save energy, improve the economic benefit.



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