corporate culture

company culture

corporate philosophy

Based on the principle of “Quality First, Service Supreme”, the company starts from the customer's needs, understands the customer, satisfies the customer, and provides each customer with quality products and satisfactory after-sales service.

Business management

Integrity-based, humane management.

Corporate commitment

The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality and reliable products, starting from the interests of users, and using high-efficiency work to complete the indicators and tasks that customers have to explain, whether you are in the chemical industry or petroleum.

Industry, power system industry, or water treatment industry, Hefei Zibo Luo will be your good partner.

The quality policy is formulated by the company's top management, and the general manager approves the release. The general manager and manager representatives promote the implementation and understanding of all levels of the enterprise, and through various conferences, publications, networks, etc.

Ways to achieve communication within the company's various levels.

The company's quality policy is: timely delivery, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, employees at all levels of the company must carefully understand the connotation of the quality policy, and implement it with practical actions.

The company guarantees the greatest satisfaction of users with excellent service. Product quality is the life of the company, and continuous improvement is the goal that the company always pursues. The basis for the company to develop a quality policy:

Customer satisfaction is the center, based on the company's technology, market, management three advantages, combined with the company's strategic goals, the pursuit of zero defect management, and strive to form an advanced foundry.



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