Pneumatic valve installation and use

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The installation instructions

1. Check the pneumatic valve model, parameter is in line with the site installation requirements and technical requirements.

2. Check the pneumatic cylinder, valve position indicator, to ensure that no damage.

3. Must blow the pneumatic valve pipe cleaning, sweep clean; Contains impurities such as medium, in front of the valve should be equipped with filtering valve in the pipeline.

4. According to the pneumatic installation direction of the arrow on the valve body (downstream) on the interface of pneumatic valve and pipeline connection, and ensure good seal joint.

5. If equipped with solenoid valve, pay attention to the connection to ensure good seal.

6. Need to welding connection, avoid high temperature reached the place such as pneumatic valve packing.

The pneumatic valve installation and equipped with solenoid valve

1. Must ensure that the fluid flow, the air is clean, in case of blocking electromagnetic valve and cylinder piston.

2. The coil of electromagnetic valve charged high fever during the normal work, please do not touch.

3. The coil of solenoid valve electrically charged, banned removed, in order to prevent electric shock.

4. The solenoid coil, socket, electromagnetic pipe and connecting parts, it is strictly prohibited to hit the collision, so as to avoid damage.

5. The solenoid coil when charged, it is forbidden to cover, burned to prevent overheating.

6. Practical electromagnetic valve power supply voltage not beyond the tolerance range.

7. Medium pressure, working temperature, viscosity, shall not exceed the scope of regulation.

Three maintenance methods

1. Prior to the demolition pneumatic valve must be emptying fluid in the cylinder, drain valve within the medium pressure; If the medium is high temperature and high pressure inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive, must be thoroughly cleared, in case of personal and equipment damage.

2. The pneumatic valve disassembly steps:

A split cylinder: remove the locking ring, lift and remove the cylinder, piston, spring can be seen, position indicator, the valve stem and other parts.

B split body: using a wrench, card in the cover rotate the root can remove the body, see body parts.

C split seals: after open the valve body, can see at the end of the valve stem seal, under the fixed seal screw, can remove the seal.

3. According to the fault analysis, to open the valve and corresponding processing.

4. Processed, with reference to remove steps installation at a time.

5. The seals, locking ring, sealing ring and spring components must be installed, tighten the fittings, the strength should be uniform. Disassembly and installation process should pay attention to don't touch hurt the diaphragm and seat.

6. A good valve maintenance, must do pressure test and leakage test, no abnormal to install and use again.



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